Buy Here Pay Here

Prices Listed on Buy Here Pay Here Vehicles are REQUIRED Down Payment Amounts, NOT the Price of the Vehicle. These Down Payment amounts are NON-Negotiable and are Required for any type of in-house leasing on vehicles, unless purchasing in FULL.

In House Leasing Requirements and Disclaimer

We are more than happy to work with EVERY customer when it comes to getting them into a vehicle. We make sure that we do everything in our power to make purchasing a vehicle as hassle free as possible and as easy as walking on the lot and driving off.

We are excited to now offer Buy Here Pay Here options to help us achieve this goal.

To qualify for a Buy Here Pay Here vehicle we require very little other than you show up.

Requirements for Buy Here Pay Here

  • Valid Drivers’ License and Proof of Insurance
    • We require that you keep collision and comprehensive coverage on the leased vehicle until it has been paid off in full.
  • Proof of Residence and Employment
    • We don’t require that you have worked a specific place for a specific amount of time, but we do require that you show that you are able to continue your payments with employment and if you have a job change we require that you inform us as soon as reasonable.
    • We also do not require that you have lived any specific place for a specific time, just where the leased vehicle is going to reside while you are paying it off. A change in address is also required information that we will need if you move.
  • We require that you make bi-weekly payments and will set you up on a payment schedule.
    • We do offer a recurring automatic payment option that we will be glad to help you set up if you would rather make sure that your payments are being made and do not want to have to personally come into the dealership every two weeks.
  • We require that your Required Down Payment be paid in cash, money order, or certified/cashier’s check.

**Prices DO NOT include tax, tag, title, and dealer fees. These prices reflect the price of the vehicle ONLY**

  • The Down Payment amount listed with the Buy Here Pay Here inventory is required and non-negotiable.
  • The down payment will only cover HALF of the tax, tag, title and dealer fees; we do require that you pay the other half along with the down payment amount.
    • We are required by the state of North Carolina to charge a tag and title registration fee. This amount adds up to $88.
    • We are also required to charge the states Highway Use tax that is calculated based on the price of the car.
    • We also charge a Dealer Fee that is covered under NCGS 20-101(1)(2). This fee totals to $489.
      • The dealer fees cover the insurance that is held by the dealership on all the vehicles on lot for test drives, the dealerships document fees charged by the NCDMV, the insurance that is attached to the temporary tags that we issue to every customer, and all miscellaneous and consumable products that are used on, in and for the vehicles on the lot (including, but not limited to: gas, price tags, detailing, and etc.).
    • Not all vehicles on the lot are able to be in-house leased, only the vehicles listed as Buy Here Pay Here.
    • We require the FULL down payment, proof of employment, and proof of insurance for all Buy Here Pay Here purchases.
      • ALL Buy Here Pay Here vehicles that are purchased are required to have comprehensive and collision coverage at all times.
    • We require that all Buy Here Pay Here purchases make Bi-Weekly payments.
      • We do offer the option for recurring automatic payments that would require written and signed authorization, but would eliminate your need to come into the dealership every two weeks.
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